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Among Us External MultiHack (2020.12.9s)

Among Us External MultiHack (2020.12.9s)

  • Version: 18/12/2020
  • Developer: devilb2103
  • Game:Among Us
3 948

The game Among Us is still popular, but the developers of other hacks have stopped releasing updates to their hacks for updating the game, and that is why we are bringing to your attention a new cheat on Among Us External multihack from the developer devilb2103.

Here are all the most relevant features, for example: speedhack, Change the kill recovery timer, Switch between an impostor and a teammate, noclip (pass through walls) and many other features that you can independently apply in the game.

at the moment, the hack was tested on the nosteam version and everything worked, but you can also check on the steam version of the game (if you have the desire and time). the developer promises to update this hack, add new functionality, improve protection, etc

Supported game version (2020.12.9s)

Download The Exe
Run The game (Make sure the version is 2020.12.9s)
Run The Exe

Only registered users can download cheats.

Comments (9)
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  1. amongus99 · User · 1 · 023 December 2020 19:35
    scanned and detected as a virus
    1. ilikealex · User · 1 · 324 December 2020 01:58
      most of the cheats gets detected as a virus
      but this web side is virus safe
    2. the taco · Cheater · 5 · 37 January 2021 04:09
      its like that for all cheats
  2. NEVERme · User · 2 · 221 December 2020 07:54
    czsmog are you acctualy dumb. of course its red because it does changes to an app and detected as an virus.

  3. nkcz · User · 1 · 119 December 2020 17:17
    Guys I download it and I don´t thing its a virus. It has not much features, but working pretty well.
    1. czSmoG_ · Real Cheater · 73 · 52 · czSmoG_#7180 19 December 2020 19:57
      stfu its checked if wasnt you see the red indicato!
      just stfu newfag
      1. GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater · 33 · 120 December 2020 00:57
        really did the newbie like that XD XD XD
      2. ir0ncsgo · Cheater · 9 · -322 December 2020 18:49
        ur kinda retarded lmao its gonna be red no matter what, anti virus alwats detect cheats as a virus
  4. H00D · User · 1 · 018 December 2020 15:16
    !ATENTION!  this cheat actually works it might not have a lot of different features but it actually works