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External Multihack BF4 (Steam/Origin)

Version:v1.5_x64 only

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This is a great External Multihack cheat for the game Battlefield 4 that you can download for free from our website. Do you want to dominate the BF4 game using all the game features? Use this working and up-to-date hack on BF4, which will give you more gaming features and you will be able to easily raise your game rating and be the first among all players.

There are enough functions here and they are all working. For example, you can see your opponents through walls, shoot without recoil, shoot only in the head, use the TriggerBot function for smooth aiming, and much more. At the bottom, you can see the full list of features.

In addition, we will tell you how to bypass the ban in the game Battlefield 4 using cheats.

  • Run game in borderless window mode after starting the game, select the desired features and run the overlay by pressing the "Run" button .
  • Menu on the "F8"key.
  • Kill the process of the gameand the program on the "End"key.

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  1. Anax
    Anax · Cheater· 13 · 1
    26 March 2021 17:51
    piece of shit hack doesn't work don't download
  2. WolfHvH_ujfh8fyjkme474tjkh75
    WolfHvH_ujfh8fyjkme474tjkh75 · Real Cheater· 52 · -51 · WolfHvH#3512
    10 March 2021 15:42
    p hack