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[AHK] R6S-Ultimate Scripts [inc. Ahkhider]

[AHK] R6S-Ultimate Scripts [inc. Ahkhider]

  • Version: 03/10/2020
  • Developer: GamesofFreak
  • Game: Rainbow Six
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Working cheat (script) for the online game Rainbow Six Siege. This hack is currently undetected, which allows you to play online and not get banned. The functionality here is AHK scripts, but even with these features you can dominate other players. For example, there is a NoRecoil function that completely removes the recoil from your weapon, as well as the functions Better Sprint, Crouch Spam, Ez Melee, Fast Peek and other functions. Launch and setup is very simple, follow each launch point and you will succeed.

R6S-Ultimate Scripts No Recoil
How to use:
  • Open RandomTitles.txt and change the R6S-Ultimate Scripts.exe file Name to one of the RandomTitles inside RandomTitles.txt
  • Double click R6S-Ultimate Scripts.ahk/.exe
  • On start up Ahkhider will be run to hide autohotkey
  • Press ok to all Messageboxes they pop up
  • Press insert to enable these scripts, press insert again to disable all scripts again
  • Press F1-F7 to activate specific scripts, after you pressed insert to enable scripts.
  • Have Fun!

  • Activate: press insert to activate or deactivate scripts(PRESS INSERT FIRST!!)
  • No Recoil: hold LButton, after you toggled the Script with F1
  • Bettersprint: after you walk 1 second you will automatically sprint, toggle it with F2
  • Crouch Spam: hold C to spam crouch, toggle it with F3
  • Ez Melee: hold V to spam melee, toggle it with F4
  • Fast Peek: hold Q or E to spam peek, toggle it with F5
  • 180 Spin: Press XButton1 to make a 180 degree, toggle it with F6
  • Aim Peeking: hold RButton to peek left and right automatically, toggle it with XButton2

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