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Hi! You probably heard that playing with external cheats in CS: GO is much safer and the chance to get banned is much less? So, we put in an open access cheat on the game CS: GO ziomoware external. This hack is very easy to use and contains in its functionality, only a couple of features GLOW ESP and BHOP. Below we will show you these functions, tell you about their purpose.

With the GLOW ESP function, you can easily know the location of your enemies, all thanks to the flexible settings. The option adds a bright color stroke to your enemies, making them visible through various obstacles on the map (walls).

The BHOP function allows you to move around the map much faster. All this thanks to the jump. You do not have to watch lessons on rasprygu in CS:GO, the program will do everything for you, you just have to hold down the space bar and move like an antelope.

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