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nudefixxx - HVH/LEGIT CHEAT

nudefixxx - HVH/LEGIT CHEAT

  • Version: [06/06/2019]
  • Developer: nudeboyxyz
  • Game: CSGO
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At the moment, our file hosting has been blocked and access to some hacks on CS:GO is limited, but for You we have prepared another free cheat on CS:GO under the name nudefixxx. This hack you can use on any server, it is perfect for Legit games, and you can try it on the HvH arena, all you need is to configure this cheat, choose for a convenient design and forward to eliminate opponents one by one. The cheat is based on the famous Ayyware hack, which gives You the ability to download any cfg from the Ayyware hack.  Cheat is really very good, but do not forget that this is only a fix and the probability of getting a ban VAC is very high, the author uses this hack only on unnecessary accounts, which we advise you.

Ragebot / HvH
Visuals (A LOT of features)
CFG System (from Ayyware, which is best cfg system lmao)

EDIT1: Only junk code has been added, with a couple of small changes to signature from earlier used version - so don't expect it to be VAC secure (even though VAC is a joke*)

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