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RiseChanger - Free Inventory Changer CSGO

RiseChanger - Free Inventory Changer CSGO

Version:August 5, 2021

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The file is verified and available for download

RiseChanger is a new free Inventory Changer for the CSGO game, which is available to anyone who wants. Do you want to change your game skins in Counter-Strike:GO and not buy them through the Steam trading platform? no problem! Download this free Inventory Changer from our website and add any number of game skins to your inventory.

Free Inventory Changer CSGO
Any CS:GO skins, agents, cases, music sets and medals are open for you! All youtubers and experts on Inventory Changer for CS:GO is highly rated by this free InventoryChanger. Additionally, the developer added some necessary functions such as: bhop, changing the color of the world, changing the position of the hands, a custom clan tag and much more.

Try it and see for yourself!

InventoryChanger CSGO Download
How to use it?
Inject the cheat using any working injector
The menu opens with the INSERT (INS) key

Will I get banned for using this cheat?
At the moment, the cheat is completely safe and the probability of getting banned is very low!

DOWNLOAD RiseChanger - Free Inventory Changer CSGO:

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  1. Mr. · Real Cheater· 31 · 19
    13 September 2021 19:24
    Very Good Skin Changer
  2. kubosk2 · User· 1 · -3
    11 September 2021 17:17
    I have benn banned for this!!!
    1. RelentlessHvH · Elite· 272 · -32
      13 September 2021 19:16
      It's a skinchanger. It's literally just cheating. So yeah duh that you can get banned for it.
    2. dzenoisus · User· 1 · 0
      17 September 2021 12:53
      don't use cheats then
    3. Cheatee.337 · User· 1 · 0
      17 September 2021 18:19
      for this just make new account and cheat from there not from ur main
    4. urmomgeilol32 · User· 1 · 0
      17 September 2021 18:39
      what stupid chinese
  3. skrtskat · Cheater· 6 · 1
    10 September 2021 07:58
    can you unbox any knives?
  4. 22Spudz · Cheater· 5 · 0
    9 September 2021 14:02
    This was made very well , +REP Works
  5. amonigor · User· 1 · 0
    7 September 2021 14:55
    Hi. Help me please, as well as those who also do not know what to do with the file that is in the download link. I don’t understand how to open it, how do I run this program? I downloaded the zipped file, what should I do next? Can you explain in detail please? If you are from Russia, can you please write directly in Russian?

    Привет. Помогите мне пожалуйста, а также тем кто тоже не знает, что делать с файлом, который в ссылке для скачивания. Я не понимаю как его открыть, как надо запустить эту программу? Я скачал заархивированый файл, что нужно сделать дальше? Можете подробно объяснить пожалуйста?
    1. milodas · Real Cheater· 38 · -15 · Siyamnd#0248
      12 September 2021 09:30
      It is simple, but it may be complicated for you because you are new in this field
      Anyway, after you decompress, you will find a dll file. To open the dll file, you need an injector. You can find a lot of injectors within the same site. I recommend saz injector. You have to run the game and open the injector after that. The last step is to put the dll file in the injector, select the csgo game, and press inject.enjoy

      Это просто, но может быть сложно для вас, потому что вы новичок в этой области
      В любом случае после распаковки вы найдете файл dll. Чтобы открыть файл dll, нужен инжектор. Вы можете найти множество форсунок на одном сайте. Рекомендую саз инжектор. Вы должны запустить игру и после этого открыть инжектор. Последний шаг - поместить файл dll в инжектор, выбрать игру csgo и нажать inject.
  6. chuuupapppppi · User· 1 · 0
    7 September 2021 07:08
    How to use it
  7. WeZnokX · Cheater· 8 · 1 · WeZnokX#0001
    6 September 2021 00:59
    Very good inventory changer ! And it's make with Osiris source so Osiris skin cfg also works.
  8. papr · Cheater· 8 · -33
    5 September 2021 22:35
    I cannot delete items some of them.
  9. RelentlessHvH · Elite· 272 · -32
    5 September 2021 14:48
    really good skinchanger, i like it
  10. urmomgay77 · Real Cheater· 31 · -2
    5 September 2021 11:23
    looks epic i got test it