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REBOOT HACK - Aimbot, Visuals, Mics, Configs

REBOOT HACK - Aimbot, Visuals, Mics, Configs

  • Version: [28/07/2019]
  • Developer: MegaBlax
  • Game: CSGO
10 887

Very cool hack REBOOT on CS:GO which is available for free download. This project was private, but the developer decided to share .dll file hack is completely free and this cheat will work until the next global update of the game CSGO. The main features are present here, there are also features that you will not be able to find in other free hacks.

Convenient and attractive menu for individual settings, the ability to download the finished cfg file. The main function of Aimbot with the ability to configure a variety of categories of functions, as well as the function of visual effects (Glow, ESP) and of course additional functions in the "Mics". To work hack you will need any working injector, I advise you to use only undetected injectors, otherwise the probability of getting banned is very high.


visuals active - on/off visuals
visible check - check the enemy for visibility
show friendly - visuals work for allies
smoke check - check for Smok
box - box on the enemy
healthbar - the health bar
player info - enable the display of player information
name - the names of the players
weapon - players ' weapons
fov - shows the FOV value for the aimbot

aimbot active - on/off aimbot (turns off on all weapons at once)
friendly fire - a fire on the allies
smoke check - check for Smok
flash check - check for blinding
weapon - select a weapon to customize

weapon active - activate aimbot on this weapon
nearest - fine-tuning to the nearest part of the body
psilent - invisible debugging for the first bullet
hitbox - select position for aiming
fov - the area of the target aimbot
psilent fov - target capture area by aimbot for psilent
smooth - smooth debugging
delay - delay before the first shot
kill delay - delay after murder

rcs active - enable continuous feedback control
pitch - horizontal recoil suppression power
yaw - vertical recoil suppression power
smooth - smooth feedback suppression

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