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Heelyware - HvH Cheat

Heelyware - HvH Cheat

  • Version: v2.1 [28/07/2019]
  • Developer: IMAGANG008
  • Game: CSGO
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For a long time on the Internet walks this hack Heelyware developer which is the user IMAGANG008. According to the author of this hack is a great HVH hack for HVH arenas and individual hvh servers, as well as a good cheat for playing on public servers, but note the probability of getting banned for Rage functions is very high, so use this hack only on new or unnecessary accounts. In principle, the cheat is good, and even something for HVH, sometimes crashes, and crashes on some functions, but it's tolerable. The functionality is extensive and edited through the hack menu, which can be easily accessed in the game menu via the INSERT key. The main function is Aimbot, visual functions of Wallhack and ESP, as well as AntiAim and saving configs. Use and comment :)

how to use:
1. download the .rar and unzip the .dll
2. get an injector
2.1 (optional) start CS:GO in -insecure mode, to prevent the signatures from being detected IF you want to rage only
3. inject .dll into CS:GO
4. tap 'Insert' to open the menu
5. $$$ profit $$$

NOTE: if you find any bugs/errors in the cheat, report them to me please - as i will fix errors/bugs in my spare time
NOTE 2: legit backtrack is automatically at 200 ms / 12 ticks (which is maximum, next update will have a proper slider to choose amount)

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