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Reborn CD Hack (AIM/ESP/ESP Line)

Reborn CD Hack (AIM/ESP/ESP Line)

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For a long time we have not posted something worthwhile for the game Creative Destruction, but today we decided to change it and prepared for you a free working hack for the game Creative Destruction from the developer of hacks dhanax26. This hack is good by all criteria, it has flexible settings of functions, extensive functionality, a nice working menu, and most importantly it is invisible to anti-cheats, which gives you to play without fear. As I said, the hack contains extensive functionality, such as functions such as: ESP, ESP line, Aimbot you can customize yourself through the menu, which is called on the Insert key. I would like to understand these functions and I will tell you about them.

Function "ESP", you often heard about such a function as ESP, but did not know what it is needed. With the ESP feature, your players will be highlighted and thus visible through the walls on the map. But the function "ESP Line" will add lines to your opponents, which will give you the opportunity to see the location of the enemy and how many steps you need to do before his appointment. 

With the Aimbot function, your shooting will be accurate and fast, aim will do everything for you and will get straight to the most unprotected parts of the body, for example the head, and you just have to press the right mouse button and shoot at the enemy.

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