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The second day we delight you with new sections and today we would like to add a section "cheats for Escape from Tarkov" and today to start filling it with cool workers, and most importantly free hacks for the game Escape from Tarkov. We are pleased to provide you with the cheat under the name MortyCheats EFT which has a number of functions, such as: AIM, ESP, NOREC, BulletPunch, and others. All the functions you can check yourself through the built-in hack menu, which is called a hotkey and is easy to configure. Well, dear users of our site, we will describe for you a couple of features and forward to download a free cheat on Escape from Tarkov.

As I said in the hack, there is Aimbot or Aim. This function will shoot almost for you, you only need to smoothly aim the weapon at the enemy and Aim function will work instantly, also this function will connect and Norecoil function that will give you accuracy and shooting without dispersion of bullets.

Cheat for Escape from Tarkov also contains in its functionality the well-known function ESP or Wallhack. With ESP you will see your opponents behind various obstacles on the map, whether it's the usual transport textures or even concrete walls, you will see them anyway.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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