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PUBG Mobile Tencent - ESP + Aimbot + Fly

PUBG Mobile Tencent - ESP + Aimbot + Fly

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We are glad to provide you with another cool hack on PUBG Mobile Tencent from Chinese developers of cheats. This hack is a great solution for your game, with this hack Tencent you can easily take a leading position on the server. Cheat is very easy to use, mostly difficulties will arise when you first start, because the menu in Chinese and You have to understand it, but all this can be done by poke, adjust their own functions through the hack menu and you will understand which of the functions responsible for what, and the rest You should not have problems.

The functionality here is very extensive for the game PUBG Mobile, but the most basic functions are of course ESP (WALLHACK) to see their opponents through any texture on the map (walls, mountains, trees, etc.), as well as the Aimbot function to improve your shooting, now you will not need to carefully aim because this hack Tencent will do everything for You, you can even set up automatic shooting. In General, everything is in your hands, good luck and great frags!

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