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PUBG Mobile Wallhack (ESP) King Gun - TENCENT GAMING BUDDY

PUBG Mobile Wallhack (ESP) King Gun - TENCENT GAMING BUDDY

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To your attention another free hack King Gun for the game PUBG Mobile under game client TENCENT GAMING BUDDY. This software is different from other free hacks, firstly there is only one function Wallhack (ESP) with the possibility of its additions, ie you can use the hot keys to control this function and thereby configure, and secondly the cheat without the menu, which is very convenient and simple, third, it has not yet been seen among the anti-cheat, which gives you the opportunity to play with it and not be afraid of global blocking.


As I said, the hack is controlled using hotkeys, a complete list of control buttons you can find below under this entry. Follow the instructions and you are sure without any effort will be able to run this free cheat, you just have to click on the activation button.

F1: Map 
F2: Show People
F3: item
F4: vehicle
f5: Magic Bullets
f6: character flying
f7: bullet tracking
f8: aimbot position
f9: Aimbot key
f10: Triple high jump
Del: Landing Fast 
f12: danger warning
Ins: car flaying
Capslock: On/off Aimbot
V-key GOD view

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