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PUBG Mobile Hack Murp

PUBG Mobile Hack Murp

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A great solution for players who like to play with cheats in the game PING Mobile. This time the hack developer kai lim has released another free cheat (script) on PUB Mobile. This hack is very easy to use, configure and install. All you need is one helper program Cheat Engine with which you run a ready-made hack script on PUBG Mobile. The functionality for the free hack is quite enough, there are such important functions as: Antenna - this function will be over the models of your enemies and thus you will be able to know about their location, the Aimbot function for direct fire, the SpedHack function for fast movement on the map, the JumpHack function to improve the jump, the AutoHeadshot function to ensure that you always fall exclusively into the enemy's head and many other functions, the full list you can see below. Instructions below, if you have questions - ask, we will try to help.

Jump Hack 
Speed Hack (Run) 
Antenna Hack 
FOV Hack 
Through Wall 
Magic Bullet 
Auto Headshot 
Color Hack (Black, White)

1- Download and install Cheat Engine, (Note: I apologize for the quality. Cheat Engine (v6.8.3) is required )
2- Start the emulator. 
3- Double-click the Scrip to open the menu. 
4- Select your emulator. 
5- You can use current cheats.


to use the script. It is recommended to use with bypass. You can eat ban because of risk and Danger Hacks. The risk of ban increases in TDM(new mode 4v4). Do not play TDM. All responsibility lies with you. Safe Hacks: Antenna Hack, Color Hack Risk Hacks: Jump Hack, FOV Hack, Through Wall Danger Hacks: Speed Hack, Aimbot, Magic Bullet, Auto Headshot

If this screen appears after running the cheat, select Always and click the Yes button.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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