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Apex Legends - Aimbot and Glow hack

Apex Legends - Aimbot and Glow hack

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The new updated cheat for Apex Legends is available for free download from our website. Thank you to the developer TheCruZ for this opportunity. Want to play and win beautiful rounds? Use this free cheat on Apex Legends Direct EFI Aimbot and GlowESP with which you will be able to accurately shoot at your opponents in the game, and you will also be able to see players through the textures on the map, they will be highlighted in red and thus you will be able to see them through walls or any other structures. There is a chance to get banned for this cheat, so be careful and use various crawls for Apex Legends. Launching and using this hack is very simple, follow the instructions and you will succeed!

GameVersion = v3.0.4.150


REQUIREMENT TO USE: If anyone get banned please tell us if you was using any other app/script/spoofer and your avg stats (play killing everymatch 25 players with 5k+ dmg = ban)

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