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Glorious Mouse Macros

Glorious Mouse Macros

  • Version: 30/10/2020
  • Developer: Minismuts
  • Game: Apex Legends
6 528

Free working macros Apex Legends on Glorious Mouse. The author tried and made macros of high quality, with which you will improve shooting and thus you will be able to control the game.

1. Infinite Slide. Not put a lot of time into the delays, can probably be improved.

Glorious Mouse Macros
2. Bunnyhop/Wallhop. Bunnyhopping is not as useful as it used to be, however it can actually be quite useful for walljumping.

3. Rapidfire. It is possible to bind a firekey to any of your mouse buttons, but then you would have to set amount of times it would fire. Pretty useful for the P2020, works for the hemlock as well but you can shoot just as fast without the macro.

Glorious Mouse Macros

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