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Flex Legends - free cheat on apex legends (Aimbot, Wallhack)

Flex Legends - free cheat on apex legends (Aimbot, Wallhack)

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Hurry up to download free cheat on Apex Legends - Flex Legends, which is currently working, free, and most importantly not found for anti-cheat. This hack recently in the game market, but the developers something went wrong and they decided to put it for General use, it is unlikely that the hack will be updated over time, so have time to download it for free while it is working and protected. We do not recommend to use on the main account, create a new one and have fun while there is time.

The functions here are diverse, there are the most common and aggressive, which you can fully access to test yourself. The main two features are the Wallhack (ESP) with a bunch of settings to see enemies through walls, weapons, crates and more, and the Aimbot (AIM) feature with a lot of settings to improve your shooting.

work in win 10 - build 1803 or 1809

1. We put two options in the folder "1" - ready to run the hack. First, run the cheat, and then the game.
2. In folder "2" - net .dll file that you want to run through the injector
Choose, check

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