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How to post a cheat on the website

How do I post a cheat on the website lmao its probably a dumb question that everyone knows the answer to but I don't so if someone could please tell me, then that would be great.

GooseBoiHasKnife 28-12-2020, 20:18 2

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  1. Best answer
    KATE · Owner · 190 · 5658 · KATE#3862 28 December 2020 20:20
    Click "Account"
    Click "Add Hack"

    After verification, it will be approved or deleted  wink
    1. TC
      GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater · 33 · 2
      1 January 2021 04:19
      Thanks! been trying to do this for a bit but I just couldn't figure out how to do it. Much appreciated! Edit: I have now posted it. Hope it gets approved!!!