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Cheat Impact (1.11.2-1.15.2)


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Cheat client Impact is a fairly large and high-quality collection of cheats for minecraft containing about 110 functions that will be useful to you when playing minecraft both in a single and in a network game.

Like most of the cheat clients, it has a menu for activating functions divided into different groups, it is classic, has several groups, unfolds, each function has settings and the ability to assign a shortcut key, and some functions have several modes of operation.

So the hack on fast running has several types of jumps. The pack contains the most popular types of hacks, from automatic aiming at the target, to killaura and xray, jesus, highlighting things and blocks.


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  1. directories
    directories · Cheater· 19 · 14
    21 March 2021 15:26
    For those of you wondering; Impact 1.16.5 support will be coming soon (I believe) as it's available on the donator's impact version, you can donate on their site and I recommend keeping an eye on their discord as they may announce the 1.16.5 release.
  2. GooseBoiHasKnife
    GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater· 70 · 1 · GooseWithAKnife#9552
    4 March 2021 00:28
    This is what I've been looking for for my solo survival world. Vouch

    For anyone interested though, it is a version of Minecraft so I think you have to have java. If you don't then someone please correct me.

    oh yeah and it's a v1.15.2 so no netherite stuff in this cheat
    1. vaisefoder
      vaisefoder · User· 1 · 0
      4 March 2021 02:18
      Who use hacked clients in singleplayer? lol
      1. Nightmareeee
        Nightmareeee · Real Cheater· 37 · -13
        4 March 2021 13:40
        facts I use this cheat in hypixel (legit) :>
  3. PinkeyLOL
    PinkeyLOL · Cheater· 19 · 42 · PinkeyLOL#2340
    3 March 2021 20:43
    Nice cheat, this is a crack lol.
    1. directories
      directories · Cheater· 19 · 14
      21 March 2021 15:25
      Uhh, It's not a crack? Impact Client is a free client (