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Another free working cheat for Minecraft 1.12.2 b6. 1 which is also available for download. There are many versions of this hack on the Internet, but we decided to provide you with the latest working version b6. 1 without viruses and waiting. Here the functionality is a little smaller from the previous hack, but there are plenty of features for the dominant game. I will not describe all the functions, you can see
them on the screenshot, but I can say for sure that they are all working, given that this is the crack version of the hack.

Installation via Forge 1.12.2: Drop it in the mods folder
Menu on 
[RSHIFT] or menu opens on [Y]

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  1. oznni234
    oznni234 · Real Cheater· 77 · 11
    30 May 2021 08:57, №4

    i can't see the mods folder pls help

  2. F0CUS12
    F0CUS12 · User· 1 · 0
    26 February 2021 16:05, №3
  3. NINJAgotabuster1390
    NINJAgotabuster1390 · User· 1 · 0
    28 September 2020 20:43, №2
    i dont know but how to download it

    1. adygbniglebvslurflugpngffdazyg
      adygbniglebvslurflugpngffdazyg · Real Cheater· 39 · -47 · ikea
      13 January 2021 18:21, №1
      if you downloaded it open %appdata% and .minecraft and put the file at mods
  4. BadChuKun
    BadChuKun · User· 4 · 6
    9 August 2020 06:05, №0
    am i the only one who's minecraft crashes after going on a server?