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Genshin Impact CT + BYPASS

Genshin Impact CT + BYPASS

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You can download a new working cheat for the popular anime game Genshin Impact from our website. This is a full-fledged cheat with which you can use more features in the game world, for example, there are such functions as: Skill No Cooldown, Infinite Stamina (run, fly, climb), Fly Hack, Player Speed and many other functions. The entire cheat is controlled using the Cheat Engine 7.1 helper program. We provide you with complete installation instructions so that you do not have any difficulties. Any other questions? Ask in the comments!

- Skill No Cooldown (including ulti)
- Infinite Stamina (run, fly, climb).
- Weapon Damage Hack + OHK (works on certain weapons only)
- Rapid Fire/Attk (extremely buggy - use at caution)
- Instant Bow Charge
- Player Speed (x1-x5)
- Fly Hack (in Wing Mode)
- Freeze Enemy (whole map/room)
- Attack Speedhack (affects skills too)
- Zoom Hack (FOV) up to x5
- ESP Hack (monsters and box treasure)
- DupeX / Mobs Vacuum Hack
- Quest Instant Teleport
- Player Coordinates (xyz)
- Pick Range Hack
- Added back ESP Box (credit: asthebloody)

instructions for launching the Genshin Impact CT hack: (BYPASS METHOD 2)
NOTE: Recommended to use Cheat Engine v7.1. Do not use v7.2!
1. Download CT file below and open it normally (do not use method from bypass 1).
2a. Open Genshin Impact and launch the game.
2b. If the script auto-enabled or drops list of cheats, proceed to step 3 (picture below) or else repeat step 2a.

3. Login the game.
4. Download and Open Process Hacker
5. Follow the picture:

6. After you closed the Process Hacker, wait for a few minutes in game (usually 1-5 minutes until you can enable all cheats).
7. You should be able to enable all scripts/cheats.

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