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In search of a working hack for the game ROS Rules of Survival? if so, we are ready to provide you with this free working cheat under the name ExileD. This hack is time-tested and has been repeatedly tested by well-known streamers and youtubers. Cheat that includes in its functionality a large number of functions from the most simple to incredibly complex to use. If you are still new to cheating, then you should only use the most popular features, which are easy to set up and gradually moves to complex features with complex settings. With this cheat you will see through the walls, know the location of your enemies through the radar, shoot accurately, move faster and more. A few words about the most popular features of this hack you can read and see at the bottom of this entry.

The AIMBOT feature, or simply AIM, is probably one of the most uznavaema functions among the players. Thanks to this function, your shooting will be perfectly accurate and smooth, you will only get into the head of the enemy. 

The ESP function which can also be attributed to the Wallhack function is the simplest and safest function thanks to which you can see the enemies through the textures on the map (walls, boxes, barrels and other various obstacles).
I would also like to highlight the features by which your speed will increase, the jump will be higher and a function by which the parachute will open long before the allocated time

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