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PUBG:Mobile developers banned more than 2 million players
    PUBG Mobile developers strike a new blow to cheaters. More than 2 million players were blocked during the week. The latest report, called Ban Pan, says that almost a third of all blocked gamers have changed the character model, while about 15% have
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is already full of cheaters, and banned software for the game is actively sold Online
    It's only been five days since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on two-generation consoles and PC. However, this period was enough for the PC version of the game to be flooded with cheaters. PCGamer reviewed the profile resources and
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"Electricity" is really the most dangerous place in Among Us
    A Reddit user named Dinning, an avid fan of Among Us, decided to analyze how his gaming life is going. He played a hundred matches on The Skeld map, and brought the statistics of each into a single infographic.
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In PUBG:Mobile for a week banned more than 3.7 million cheaters
    More than 3.7 million cheat accounts were blocked in PUBG Mobile from October 2 to October 8. This was announced in the official Twitter of the game with nested statistics.
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Youtuber trolls cheaters in CSGO game
    Youtuber's favorite activity under the nickname ScriptKid is to Troll cheaters in CS: GO. The prank went so far that the blogger decided to create his own software that would deceive cheaters.
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Fall Guys will add the anti-cheat used in Fortnite
    Developers Fall Guys in the coming weeks will finally add a normal system of protection against cheaters.
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Team Fortress 2 players have figured out how to fight cheaters
    Fans of the team shooter (a game that focuses on the use of firearms) Team Fortress 2 have come up with a new way to deal with cheaters and players who interfere with the gameplay. This was announced on September 4 by the Game Rant portal.
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Thorin about cheating in CS:GO
    Thorin: "If I found evidence that 90% of the best players are cheaters, I would immediately turn them in»
The Chinese market for cheats has grown to $293 million, despite the government's ban measures
    Representatives of Tencent during an online lecture told how the cheat market works in China. Joint actions of the company and the government to combat illegal software for games do not interfere with the growth of demand.
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