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Valorant developers urged players to send complaints about cheaters

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Valorant anti-cheat development Manager Paul Chamberlain spoke about the importance of player complaints, calling them one of the most effective tools to combat cheaters.

According to Chamberlain, the automated Vanguard system also uses complaints to decide whether to pay special attention to the player. Anti-cheat also uses information about the number of unique players who sent complaints, and the number of games in which the player received complaints.
In addition, the most suspicious players, especially those who received the highest number of complaints, are manually checked by analysts. These manual checks help you find cheats that were not detected automatically. Later, the data obtained is used to improve Vanguard.
Finally, developers use complaints to evaluate the state of the game and the effectiveness of Vanguard.

Complaint statistics:
  • 97% of players have not filed a single complaint;
  • 0.6% of players received more than 1 complaint about the use of cheats;
  • more than 3 people complained about 0.3% of players;
  • 53% of banned cheaters received complaints before the ban;
  • 60% of players who received 20 complaints were banned based on the results of the review.

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  1. рус · Cheater · 8 · 514 September 2020 02:17
    Die Riot.