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Cheat for Craftopia - GodMode, ESP, Inf Ammo, etc.

Cheat for Craftopia - GodMode, ESP, Inf Ammo, etc.


Cheat for Craftopia
Playing the new Craftopia game? Especially for you, we upload a free cheat for this game that you can download from our website. This is a universal cheat from MRLuke956123 with good functionality and convenient management. You can edit all the functionality directly during the game via the global hack menu. It has all the necessary features for a beautiful and progressive game. For example, there are functions such as: GodMode, ESP, Inf Ammo and other functions (the full list is under this entry). You'll be able to see enemies through textures, use God mode on game servers, enable infinite gear, and more.

What it does ATM:
Skills No Cooldown
Inf Ammo
Refills HP/MP/Hunger
Change Move Speed
Change Jump Speed
Change Jump Height
ESP Enemies
ESP Treasures
Esp Resources

Theres 3 Hotkeys:
Menu on/off: Delete Key
DebugMenu on/off: PageDown Key
Teleport to where you are looking: RightControl Key

How to use it:
Install BepInEx 5.x
Instructions on how to do it: Link
After running the game simply copy the folder Crafty to the plugins folder.

Only registered users can download cheats.

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