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Free Cheat for Paladins - Aimbot, ESP

Free Cheat for Paladins - Aimbot, ESP


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The file is verified and available for download

If you are looking for a working and free hack for the Paladins game, then I advise you to download this cheat! This is a universal cheat for which you will not get banned in the near future if you use this cheat carefully. I want to bring to your attention a cheat for the game Paladins from the developer JenriX. A multifunctional and convenient hack, controlled through a cheat menu that you can open right during the game.

Free Cheat for Paladins
Among the functions here are ESP and Aimbot. Using this functionality, you will be able to see your enemies through the textures on the map thanks to the ESP function, as well as using the Aimbot function, you will shoot your enemies much more accurately.

Press Insert to ShowMenu
If the cheat does not work, then change the screen resolution to a window without borders

DOWNLOAD Free Cheat for Paladins - Aimbot, ESP:

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  1. nu4kz · User· 4 · 0
    Yesterday, 05:23

    Update Pls dont work anymore

  2. yasuoforever679 · User· 1 · 2
    16 September 2021 16:21

    will this get an update?


  3. thenewskir214 · User· 4 · 1
    15 September 2021 21:51


  4. HaroldRichman · Cheater· 7 · 0
    15 September 2021 17:55

    Hello! Today I'm here to submit my final review of this nice free cheat!


    I've used it for about a week now and started to notice the issues/draw backs from the cheat and wanted to put them into

    a little bit of a shorter list for people to look at before having to run this nice cheat. <3 I hope they keep updating this one boys.


    After a little bit of using it:

    Q: Why wont it open?


    1. You need to 110% run it as admin and sometimes it wont work first launch, try over and over. Normally

    I leave it running (paladins) while opening it from desktop from admin. Normally works after one or two trys.


    Q: esp stops being 100% on target for just me?


    2. ESP goes whacky after two or three games. I believe this is fine not a giant issue unless you need it all the time which for paladins aimbot is perfect for me.


    After that though nothing else is a major issue aside from the aimbot. I personally found going being anything that can block the target quickly will save you and keeping your fov low so it doesnt always have a target to lock to. 


    Final Thoughts:

    I believe this could get so much better and i love it already, I hope to see steady updates but im not sure. I really love having something to just dork kids with while running tank, it's a lot of fun. Hope to see more work post update today. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to create a little handy tool for us to use.

    1. HaroldRichman · Cheater· 7 · 0
      15 September 2021 18:10
      Post SAAT Update:
      Cheat runs and shows to work, once I got into a game though, the aimbot did nothing and nothing came up for the esp. Please Update <3 Much love
  5. HaroldRichman · Cheater· 7 · 0
    15 September 2021 17:28

    deleted comment

  6. medankunre · User· 3 · 0
    13 September 2021 14:27
    sir, can you add a button feature for aimbot like holding down shift key or pressing left click and holding, because when using aimbot the hack you gave, and when using aimbot pressing alt aimbot works but aimbot can't be released right on target, so I hope you can updated the aimbot feature and aimbot button like in other hacks, i love you
    1. nu4kz · User· 4 · 0
      14 September 2021 01:28
      yeah pls update with this
  7. GooseBoiHasKnife · Real Cheater· 149 · 45 · GooseWithAKnife#9552
    12 September 2021 00:19
    How do you change the aimbot to right click instead of alt
  8. HaroldRichman · Cheater· 7 · 0
    11 September 2021 19:27
    Really nice but once you start to go hard you'll clearly be ban, but I've not been yet, thank you for sharing the awesome hacks :D
    1. cacat12333 · User· 3 · 1
      11 September 2021 23:29
      how did u manage to make it work?
      1. HaroldRichman · Cheater· 7 · 0
        15 September 2021 18:02
        Keep the game in windowed

        run as admin while its still open to mini it

        then try it a couple times while clicking INS

        should work after but now the game updated not sure how safe it is
  9. 1365865656 · User· 2 · 1
    11 September 2021 17:47
    It worked, but it was banned after 2 hours of play!

    Friends who are unsuccessful in the injection, please use the administrator's authority to open it!
  10. KronanStarrk123 · User· 1 · 0
    11 September 2021 16:47
    what do you inject or open exe