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Sevenhelper – macros PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST, R6S

Sevenhelper – macros PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST, R6S


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The file is verified and available for download

I want to share with you one wonderful program for the game PUBG, PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST, Caliber, R6S. Sevenhelper is a universal solution for your macros in the game PUBG and not only.

macros PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST, R6S
First you need to understand what macros are and why they are needed?

A game macro is a pre-prescribed command that will be executed in a certain sequence. Simply put, the macro is superimposed on your gaming mouse and thereby interacts with your sight, which gives you the opportunity to shoot much more accurately, without scattering bullets and any recoil.

Sevenhelper copes with this task perfectly, you can download your macros yourself and use them in games such as:PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST, Caliber, R6S and CS:GO.

No one has received a ban for this program yet, so this software is completely safe at the moment.

P.S: you can ask for private macros in the comments (do not forget to specify the name of the game) and I will send you macros in private messages.

Private Macros PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST (for users of the site = FREE)

DOWNLOAD Sevenhelper – macros PUBG, Apex Legeds, RUST, R6S:

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